Welcome to the website of modern fine artist Ryan Larvin I'm currently displaying my art work through out galleries in the Yorkshire area of England.

Blending colours onto canvas is something i love to do using mediums such as acrylics oils and a wide range of brushes. I describe my work as fun modern fine art! Its Colourful! eye catching! My art work relates to everyone and it gives my customers a happy feeling, a smile often springs to mind. The hearts represent love and love relates to everyday life. There’s always a story in my paintings, people will look at them and read what’s going on like a stick man chasing another stick man or a stick boy climbing a tree with the parent trying to pull him down or being pulled away by a heart balloon on to a cloud. It all relates to everyday life but in a fun colourful dream like world.

I take commissions for different size canvas and colours. Customers go as far as bringing in colour samples for me to match to their rooms. I like to Personalise for every occasion! On the tree trunks I paint 21st, 30th, 40th and 60th birthdays. People like to design their own stick man story representing each family member. Children’s names and initials of loved ones can be painted on tree trunks. Landmarks such as a New York sky line, Toronto skyline, Sydney harbour, Paris and London can be painted into the backgrounds to resemble where someone went on a honeymoon or a holiday. I like the fact that my customers can Personalise their own individual piece of fine art personal to them.                           
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